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Skin Care Treatments

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Skin Services – Renaissance Medical Spa

Welcome to Salisbury, Maryland’s first Med Spa, Renaissance Medical Spa, founded in 1995.  Our team of medical and aesthetic professionals provide the latest minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to improve your skin color and texture and make you feel your best. On the left is our certified aesthetician, Emily Coleman.  Emily has years of experience, a soft and caring approach and gentle, careful hands. Emily has a gift of explaining her therapies in terms that are clear and easily understood. While Emily has magic hands and a calming demeanor, her greatest asset is her integrity. Feedback to doctors Perrotta and Pellegrino indicate her clients never feel pressure to buy products. Emily understands that focusing on the individual needs of each client guarantees her success.

Return Policy

All Skin Care Product sales are final.  Should you have an adverse reaction to one of the products or if it is physically defective, it can be returned within 7 days of the purchase with proof of purchase.


For micro-needling, we use an electric skin needling device made especially for this purpose. The device is a pen shaped studded with 12 very fine needles. It is a medical device used in micro needling to break down old scar … Continue reading

CO2 Laser

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing is very effective in diminishing the appearance or totally erasing wrinkles on the face. The science is quite simple.  The laser removes the top layers of skin by vaporizing them.  Since superficial wrinkles and sun spots … Continue reading

Laser Sun Spot Removal

Laser Sun Spot Removal Women and men with sun spots on the face. Women and men with pigmented skin tags on the face and neck. African Americans with black skin tags on the face. Women and men with spider veins … Continue reading


Microdermabrasion is suited particularly for the working women or man who cannot afford any healing or “down” time. This is because microdermabrasion produces no noticeable wound. Following a treatment, no work is missed. Who Could Benefit? Women and men with sun damaged … Continue reading


The staff at Peninsula Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer Juvederm@ and Restylane@ injections for the correction of facial lines and folds. These products are composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Our doctors have been using … Continue reading


Botox® Cosmetic is a well-known brand name for a type of botulinum toxin (type A). When injected in small doses into specific facial muscles, it acts as a muscle relaxant, thereby minimizing the appearance of certain facial wrinkles. Botox is … Continue reading

Spider Veins

Who Could Benefit? Women and men with spider veins on the face. Treatment Goals Removal of some or all of the spider veins. The Procedure No anesthesia is required. The doctor or nurse traces the spider veins with the laser beam, … Continue reading

Laser Hair Removal

 Who Could Benefit Individuals with unwanted hair on their faces and bodies. Individuals with folliculitis on their neck, arm pits or groins. The Goals Near permanent removal of unwanted hair. Improvement or complete resolution of folliculitis. The Technology The laser emits … Continue reading

Fraxel Laser

Who Could Benefit?  Individuals with Acne scarring anywhere on their face or body. Individuals with pigment irregularity on their face, including lentigos and melasma. Individuals with wrinkling & pigment irregularity on the chest and other body parts. Individuals with facial … Continue reading

Chemical Peels

Who Could Benefit? Individuals with pigment irregularity over the entire face. Individuals with sun spots or “liver spots.” Individuals with fine wrinkling. The Goals More uniform skin tone and improvement of fine and moderately deep wrinkles. Skin that is clear … Continue reading