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Face Upper Eyelid Lift

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Dr. Pellegrino and Dr. Perrotta are experienced in state-of-the-art upper eyelid surgery techniques that provide a natural-looking upper eyelid lift. Incisions are placed in the natural creases of the eye where scars are hidden.

before and after patient photos

Candidates for Upper Blepharoplasty

  • People with excess upper eyelid skin
  • People with bulging eyelid bags of fat that make them appear tired and older
  • People whose vision is partly obstructed by excess skin of the upper eyelids

The Goals of an Upper Eyelid Lift

  • A more youthful and rested appearance around the eyes
  • For selected patients, improvement in vision

Initial Consultation for Upper Eyelid Surgery

Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino have developed a warm and friendly process for preparing you for eyelid surgery. Your consultation is important because you and your plastic surgeon must be “on the same page” regarding the results you desire. This is why Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Pellegrino will devote as much time as necessary to discuss your individual goals and needs with you.

Dr. Pellegrino or Dr. Perrotta performs a focused physical examination to provide preliminary recommendations. Once he determines his surgical plan, our aesthetic coordinator will produce a written quote which lists all costs of your proposed surgery so that there are no surprises. At that time, an appointment is set for your pre-op visit.

Note that all procedures have risks, and minor complications occur occasionally that can be easily addressed. Major complications are quite unusual with eyelid surgery.

Additional procedures that might enhance the result of eyelid surgery are: Forehead Lift, Facelift, Chemical Peels, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and/or Microdermabrasion. If you have questions about any of these procedures or if they are recommended to bring you the results you desire, they will be discussed during your consultation. This will allow you to make a fully informed decision about your selected procedure(s).

The Upper Eyelid Lift Procedure

Both Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Pellegrino are board-certified plastic surgeons who offer upper eyelid surgery with a local anesthetic alone or along with IV sedation. After your surgeon makes the incisions in the natural creases of the eyelid, excess skin and any bulging fat is removed. He then closes the incisions with fine nylon sutures.

As a patient of Peninsula Plastic Surgery, you have the luxury of undergoing surgery in the most private and convenient of settings – the operating room suite located inside our Salisbury office complex. This operating room has the distinction of being fully accredited by AAAHC and certified by Medicare.

Post-Op Recovery

You will be asked to use ice packs and to keep your head elevated for the first 48 hours after surgery. Initial mild discomfort is controlled with oral medication. Bruising and sensitivity to light will last a week or two, and swelling progressively disappears over several weeks. The sutures are usually removed within 3-7 days.

Eye makeup can be used shortly after the stitches are removed, and contact lenses can be worn within 7-10 days. After your procedure, you will follow up with us several times so that we can monitor your healing.


If the procedure is considered cosmetic, it is not covered by insurance. In that case, you are responsible for payment. If we perform the surgery to improve your vision, however, your insurance might cover the costs.

Before and After

We are grateful to our patients for granting us the privilege of posting their before and after photos on our website. While we greatly value their privacy, we also salute their eagerness to share their life-changing results with other individuals considering plastic surgery. Every patient on this website has enthusiastically provided his or her written consent for us to show the world his or her results. An example of one of these satisfied patients is below:

The images shows before and after photos of one of our upper eyelid lift or blepharoplasty patients

 Click here to see more of our patients.


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