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Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Luppens routinely perform breast augmentation on an outpatient basis.  They have vast experience in breast implant surgery, and their advanced surgical techniques provide for aesthetically beautiful, natural results with minimal scarring.  Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today.



Breasts that are in proportion with the rest of your body

Breasts that are shapely and symmetrical

Improvement in body contour

A more positive self image


  • Women with small breasts who desire larger breasts

  • Women with breasts that have lost volume after childbearing

  • Women who have breast asymmetry (uneven breasts)

  • Women who have small breasts due to significant weight loss

  • Women with mild cases of breast ptosis (droopy breasts)

About Implant Types

About Implant Sizes


What to Expect at your Consultation

Drs. Perrotta and Luppens will devote as much time as necessary to discuss your individual goals and needs with you. After a focused physical examination, your surgeon will provide preliminary recommendations and explain what you can expect from surgery.


Once your surgeon determines his surgical plan, our aesthetic coordinator will produce a written quote, which lists all costs of your proposed surgery so that there are no surprises. At that time, an appointment is set for your pre-op visit. 


Pre-Op Visit

Much is covered during your pre-op visit. First, one of our highly trained medical assistants will take pre-op photos. Next, your surgeon will explain the surgical technique to you and thoroughly inform you as to what you can expect, including any potential complications. Note that all procedures involve some risk, but major complications are rare. Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Luppens will then obtain a more complete medical history from you and perform a final pre-op physical examination, including a check of your vital functions to ensure that you are physically fit for surgery. All informed consents for surgery will be filled out at this appointment and final payments are due at this time.  You will be notified 24 hours prior to your surgery with your arrival time.


The Breast Enlargement Surgery

During surgery, some patients prefer heavy IV sedation with local anesthesia, while others require general anesthesia. As a patient of Peninsula Plastic Surgery, you have the luxury of undergoing surgery in the most private and convenient of settings – the operating room suite located inside our Salisbury office complex. This operating room has the distinction of being fully accredited by AAAHC and certified by Medicare.

During breast augmentation, Drs. Perrotta and Luppens place their incisions inside or just above the inferior mammary creases (breast folds) or around the areolas of the nipples. Both of these approaches provide excellent exposure for the surgeon and increase the likelihood of perfect results. Some surgeons place incisions inside the arm pits or use the belly button as the site of entry. Unfortunately, these entry areas do not provide good exposure that would allow the surgeon to do the best possible job.

Drs. Perrotta and Luppens then create a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle to receive the implant.  This approach allows for a more natural look and reduces the risk of capsular contracture, allowing the implant to remain intact long-term. For an accentuated look, the occasional patient will request to have the pocket created above the muscle, however. in order to limit the length of the skin incisions, and therefore the eventual scars, Doctor Perrotta also offers the Keller Funnel.

To reduce the risk of infection, Drs. Perrotta and Luppens soak all implants in antibiotic solution. The incisions are then closed with multiple layers of stitches, after which the nursing staff applies dressings and a post-operative garment.


Post-Op Recovery

After your breast enlargement surgery, you will go home with an elastic bra that applies gentle pressure to prevent bleeding. This bra also provides support to reduce uncomfortable bouncing during your ride home.

Most patients experience some pain for three days and some discomfort for two weeks thereafter. Oral pain medications can control this pain, however.

You will be scheduled for a follow-up visit within one week after your surgery, at two to three weeks after your surgery, at six to eight weeks after your surgery, and annually thereafter. These visits are complimentary.

Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Luppens monitor all patients closely. They offer complimentary annual check-ups, during which the breasts are assessed for capsular contracture or any migration of the breast implants.

Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Luppens also orders routine mammograms for their patients from the age of 35.

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