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With the advent of bariatric medicine and surgery, more and more Americans are losing massive amounts of weight. While losing the fat is a great achievement, it creates a problem that is difficult to treat – skin laxity.

For many individuals, the only truly effective way to correct skin laxity is to remove the excess skin via a Body Lift procedure. Lasers or other non-invasive devices might produce some skin tightening but not enough for most people in this situation. For these individuals, excess skin hangs from the lower belly and produces unsightly waves or rippling on the thighs. The buttocks often slide downward and lose definition. In a body lift, excess skin is removed from the lower part of the body, including the belly, medial thighs, lateral thighs, and buttocks.

A Body Lift usually requires more than one surgery, but no two cases are exactly the same. Drs. Perrotta and Luppens have had a great deal of experience with Body Lift surgeries and do their best to minimize scarring and discomfort.



Tighter, smoother skin

Reestablishment of the contours and shape of the body

Greater symmetry of the body




  • Men and women who have lost a considerable amount of weight and are experiencing skin laxity on the body as a result


What to Expect at your Consultation

Drs. Perrotta and Luppens will devote as much time as necessary to discuss your individual goals and needs with you. After a focused physical examination, your surgeon will provide preliminary recommendations and explain what you can expect from surgery.


Once your surgeon determines his surgical plan, our aesthetic coordinator will produce a written quote, which lists all costs of your proposed surgery so that there are no surprises. At that time, an appointment is set for your pre-op visit. 


Pre-Op Visit

Much is covered during your pre-op visit. First, one of our highly trained medical assistants will take pre-op photos. Next, your surgeon will explain the surgical technique to you and thoroughly inform you as to what you can expect, including any potential complications. Note that all procedures involve some risk, but major complications are rare. Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Luppens will then obtain a more complete medical history from you and perform a final pre-op physical examination, including a check of your vital functions to ensure that you are physically fit for surgery. All informed consents for surgery will be filled out at this appointment and final payments are due at this time.  You will be notified 24 hours prior to your surgery with your arrival time.


Body Lift Surgeries

As Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Luppens repositions the skin higher on the body, the belly and thighs appear tighter and smoother. Elevation of the buttocks reestablishes their shape and makes them smoother. The overall contour and harmony of your body will be greatly enhanced. In order to remove stubborn bulges of fat, simultaneous sculpting via liposuction may be performed. After each surgery, Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Luppens will keep you in the hospital for several days. If you prefer your procedures on an outpatient basis, your body lift surgeries can be performed in individual sessions separated by at least three weeks. This incremental approach allows you the luxury of undergoing surgery in the private, convenient, warm setting of the certified operating room located inside our Salisbury office complex.


Post-Op Recovery

Full recovery from a body lift usually takes about four weeks, although most patients are able to perform activities of daily living within three days. You should be able to taper off your narcotic pain medication by the fifth day or so and return to work in 2-3 weeks, with some limitations. After your procedure, you will follow up with us several times so that we can monitor your healing.

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