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Skin Cancer

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At Peninsula Plastic Surgery we take great pride in serving the community through our comprehensive skin cancer program.

Our providers:

  • Christopher Pellegrino, MD
  • Vincent Perrotta, MD
  • Kerri Holloway, CRNP
  • Jayme Isett, PA-C

Our Program:

  • Timely Evaluation and Diagnosis of Suspicious Skin Lesions
  • Timely Removal of known Skin Cancers: Peninsula  has the following scheduling goals for skin cancer removal:
    • Malignant Melanoma: removal within three weeks of diagnosis
    • Squamous Cell Carcinoma: removal within four weeks of diagnosis
    • Basal Cell Carcinoma: removal within six weeks of diagnosis
  • The Gold Standard: Board certified plastic surgeons perform the definitive surgeries on the face.  Therefore, eventual scarring is minimized.
  • An Organized System of Follow-up Care:  we are happy to perform periodic follow-up skin checks on any of our patients.