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Cosmetic Lasers

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Elos Plus Laser Treatments


Used to improve skin tone and texture.  Treats mild to moderate wrinkles and texture irregularities.  Radio-frequency energy is precisely directed into the skin the form of a matrix.  Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process.  After the treatment it’s common to have a pink or red “sunburn”.


Used for skin contouring and tightening with no downtime.  The sublime laser stimulates collagen production and improved overall skin quality in areas that most often show signs of aging like the eyes, brow lines, cheeks and around the neck.


Used to treat pigment irregularities such as rosacea and sun/age spots.  Gradual improvement of skin tone is typically achieved in a treatment series.

KTP Laser:

Used to treat spider veins, sun spots and seborrheic keratosis.  The KTP laser is a machine that emits light of a single wavelength 532 nanometers.  This light is absorbed by pigment.  The lighter the treated area/lesion, the less the energy absorbed.  The darker the area/lesion, the more the energy absorbed.

Co2 Laser:

Used for aggressive anti-aging.  Can be used on the full face, peri-oral (around the mouth) or under the eyes.  6-8 week skin prep is required prior to treatment.  More info


The suitability of laser treatment is determined during the office consultation.   Patients may not have tanned skin or sun exposure for at least 2 weeks prior to laser treatment.  All laser procedures have risks. Minor complications occur occasionally. Major complications are quite unusual.

Other Possibilities

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing and Dermabrasion are alternatives, and they are actually preferable if you also have diffuse pigment irregularity, wrinkling, and/or acne scarring. Chemical peeling is a less accurate alternative.


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