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Breast Surgery Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

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Who Could Benefit?

  • Men or adolescent males with gynecomastia, large breasts, consisting of excess breast tissue, fatty tissue and/or skin

The Goals of Male Brest Reduction ( Gynecomastia)

  • A chest without large breasts
  • More Confidence going shirtless

The Procedure

If the breasts are large but there is not a significant amount of excess skin, removal of breast tissue and surrounding fat usually suffices. The plastic surgeon achieves this by sharp dissection or liposuction. If there is also a significant amount of excess skin, the plastic surgeon also removes some skin in the form of a donut or some other configuration. Most cases require local anesthetic plus IV sedation.  Large cases require general anesthesia.

Post-Op Recovery

The O.R. team applies light dressings and either an elastic garment or ace bandages. Initial discomfort subsides daily and can be controlled with oral medication. Most patients are able to return to work after approximately one to two weeks. Scars will usually fade in 6-12 months.

Other Possibilities

An additional procedure that would enhance the result is Liposuction of love handles.

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Click here to see our Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Before and After photo gallery.

We are grateful to our patients for granting us the privilege of posting their before and after photos on our website. While we greatly value their privacy, we also salute their eagerness to share their life-changing results with other individuals considering plastic surgery. Every patient on this website has enthusiastically provided his or her written consent for us to show the world his or her results.

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