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Breast Surgery Breast Enlargement Plus Breast Lift

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Breast Augmentation plus Breast Lift (mastopexy) is a procedure during which the plastic surgeon inserts breast implants to enlarge the breasts and performs  breast lifts (mastopexy) to raise the nipples and/or improve the shape of the natural breasts.  Both Doctors Perrotta and Pellegrino have decades of experience with this combination of procedures.  For the convenience and privacy of their patients, they perform the great majority these cases in the state-of-the-art operating room suite located inside their Salisbury office complex.

before and after patient photos of patients of Dr. Perrotta and Pellegrino


Candidates for Breast Augmentation plus Breast Lift

  • Women with small breasts and nipples that point downward.
  • Women with breasts that are located too low on their chest wall due to:
    • pregnancy
    • weight loss
  • Women who have breast asymmetry (uneven breasts)
  • Women who simply desire their breasts to be larger and lifted.

The Goals of a Breast Lift

  • Larger, perky, shapely, lifted breasts
  • Nipple-areolar complexes in a more desirable size and location
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Symmetry

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Click here to see our patients who have undergone Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift surgery

We are grateful to our patients for granting us the privilege of posting their before and after photos on our website. While we greatly value their privacy, we also salute their eagerness to share their life-changing results with other individuals considering plastic surgery. Every patient on this website has enthusiastically provided his or her written consent for us to show the world his or her results.