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Breast Animation Deformity

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Breast animation deformity (BAD) describes the abnormal appearance a breast assumes when the overlying pectoralis major muscle contracts.  The mound of the breast becomes distorted and moves upward.  Of course, everything returns to normal once the muscle relaxes.


Currently the majority of our patient affected by BAD fully accept it, but a growing number of women across the nation are becoming intolerant of it, especially exercise trainers and yoga instructors who work-out in public while wearing tights.  Below is an example of a patient with mild breast animation deformity (BAD).  Please note how her breast move and distort when she presses her hands together in order to flex her pectoralis major muscle.



The extent of animation deformity depends on the thickness of soft tissue covering the implant.  Women who have undergone submuscular (under the muscle) breast augmentation have less severe BAD than women who have undergone mastectomy because the former group still have their breasts in front of the implants to provide a sort of cushion effect.  On the other hand, mastectomy patients who have undergone implant-based breast reconstruction only have skin overlying the implant and muscle.