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Body Contouring Power Assisted Liposuction

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Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is an ideal body contouring procedure for removing fat from the breasts, love handles, and the upper abdomen because the fat they contain is very fibrous. This type of fat is very difficult to remove with conventional liposuction.

In the hands of Dr. Pellegrino or Dr. Perrotta, PAL removes fat more rapidly than any other method. So, we use PAL to reduce love handles and breasts in men or whenever we need to remove large volumes of fat (2000-5000 ml) from any part of the body. The other advantage of PAL is faster recovery time and less post-procedure bruising and swelling than with traditional liposuction.

Candidates for Power-Assisted Liposuction

  • Men and women with areas of excess fibrous fat

The Goals of PAL

  • A more flattering figure or physique, in and out of clothing
  • Improved body contours and proportions
  • Improved self image and self confidence

Initial Consultation for Power Assisted Liposuction

Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino have developed a sensitive and discreet process for preparing you for power-assisted liposuction. Your consultation is important because you and your plastic surgeon must be “on the same page” regarding the results you want. This is why Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Pellegrino will devote as much time as necessary to discuss your individual goals and needs with you.

Dr. Pellegrino or Dr. Perrotta perform a focused physical examination to provide preliminary recommendations and determine whether you would benefit from traditional liposuction and/or laser liposuction. Once he determines his surgical plan, our aesthetic coordinator will produce a written quote which lists all costs of your proposed surgery so that there are no surprises. At that time, an appointment is set for your pre-op visit.

Pre-Op Visit

Much is covered during your pre-op visit. First, one of our highly trained medical assistants will take pre-op photos. Next, your surgeon will explain the surgical technique to you and thoroughly inform you as to what you can expect, including any potential complications. Note that all procedures involve some risk, but major complications from power assisted liposuction are rare.

Dr. Perrotta or Dr. Pellegrino will then obtain a more complete medical history from you and perform a final pre-op physical examination, including a check of your vital functions to ensure that you are physically fit for surgery. Prior to releasing you from your pre-op visit, your doctor and our staff will give you detailed instructions for the time leading up to your surgery, as well as for the time immediately following it.

The Power Assisted Liposuction Procedure

The PAL device produces very fine, controlled oscillations of the suction cannula (tube), which greatly enhances removal of fibrous fat. It also reduces surgeon fatigue. Most PAL procedures can be done with IV sedation and a local anesthetic. You might do well with local anesthesia alone, an approach which saves you a significant amount of money on the total cost of liposuction.

The procedure is quite simple. First, a solution is injected that numbs the area and prevents excessive bleeding. Next, small suction tubes (cannulas) are inserted through tiny (3mm) incisions, and the excess fat is removed. The inserted end of one of these cannulas is blunt, a feature that makes them safe, provided they are used by qualified plastic surgeons. The other end of the cannula is attached, via a flexible hose, to the specialized PAL machine that provides the vacuum that sucks out the fat. The tiny incisions are closed, and our nursing staff applies a compression garment that controls post-operative swelling and bruising.

Post-Op Recovery

You can go home the same day wearing the compression garment. Any initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral pain medication. You can return to work within a few days, but strenuous activities should be avoided for 2-4 weeks. Bruising and swelling usually subside within 2-3 weeks. After your procedure, you will follow up with us several times so that we can monitor your healing. The final results take shape over the 2-3 months after your liposuction surgery.


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